After Sales / Retrofit

After Sales and Service Contact

Falk Schirmer

Hinrich Klingler

After Sales MAJER

+49 7071 56818 17
+49 7071 56818 42

In-house or on the spot training

• (preventive) maintenance
• machine operation
• tool and format change
• fault detection

Maintenance and Service

  • assessment of machines and equipment
  • preventive maintenance
  • installations, commissioning, production start-up
  • optimisation of machine parameters

Spare Parts and Repairs

  • technical documentation for delivered machines
  • technical support by mechanical or electrical service engineers on the spot with short reaction times
  • remote support for software faults and software updates

Retrofits and Format Change

  • retrofits of old machines
  • adaptation to meet current safety standards
  • change parts for new formats
  • performance increases