Tubes & Cores

Tubes & Cores


Industrial tubes with wall thickness of approx. 3 to 15 mm are endlessly spiral wound on manufacturing lines comprising up to 30 unreelings for tubes with 30 layers of paper. A typical installation consists of unreelingsglue application devices for paper webs, spiral winder and inline cutter.

In the first step, tubes up to 1,250 mm long are created which are subsequently dried in a drying oven to a residual humidity of 7 % and further processed.

Eventually, the tubes are cut to a length of usually 150 to 380 mm in a dividing machine (RAS/SAS-1251) and fed to a tube finishing machine (SVZ-4).

Dividing (Tube)

In the dividing machine (RAS/SAS 1251), the tube is cut into segments using a multi-knife cutter.


For high-performance applications in the textile industry, the tubes must be further processed in a finishing machine. The following processes and combinations are available:

  • curling (one or both ends)
  • polishing (one or both ends)
  • punching a thread guide notch
  • embossing a thread reserve groove
  • thread catch and clamp slit device (for slits of 90 ... 360°)
  • Grooving 
  • grooving multiple grooves along the length of the tube (with additional device)
  • knurling the base

Manufacturing of Adhesive Tape Rings

Paper tubes of approx. 1,250 mm length are fed to the ring dividing machine. The tubes are cut into lengths of 12, 19, 25, or 48 mm respectively, and the rings are discharged from the machine.