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Blema Kircheis

Erdmann-Kircheis-Str. 13 - 15
08280 Aue-Bad Schlema

Telephone: +49 3771 278 0
Fax: +49 3771 278 265

Managing Director: Uwe Leonhardt
Jurisdiction: Chemnitz / Saxony
HRA 3217
USt.-IdNr. DE 186542910

A member of the Leonhardt Group

Personally liable partner:
Gebrüder Leonhardt Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Headquarters Aue
District court / Register court: Chemnitz
HRB 8054
Managing director: Uwe Leonhardt, Helge Leonhardt

Design / Technical Realisation

André Markus
Gemeindeberg 3
08321 Zschorlau

Telephone: + 49 3771 313 502


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