Wine Capsule Machines

Wine Capsule Machines


fully automatic indexed processing machine for the manufacturing of wine capsules made of plastic, complex material or aluminum

Design and Function

Machine Concept

  • transport of the capsule skirt segments via transfer wheel towards the winding mandrels
  • winding of the capsules without folds on a mandrel wheel having 10 mandrels, by means of a winding roller
  • gluing of the skirt overlapping by cold or hot melt glue
  • closing of the capsule top by means of a top disc
  • blowing-off and collection of the capsules in rods


  • good accessibility to the machine because of the important wheel diameter
  • possibility of retrofitting of control and ejection systems as well as edge control and print control devices
  • hybrid machines for different materials or sizes (champagne and wine capsules) on request
  • size changes with reduced change-over times by means of quick fitting systems for tool changes
  • freely programmable servomotors and cam controller

Technical Data

max. performance270 capsules / min.
diameter capsule topØ 22 ... 36 mm
diameter capsule skirtmax. Ø 45 mm
height (plastic)30 ... 90 mm
height (complex)30 ... 80 mm
capsule cone = 2 x taper1,5 ... 5 °
material thickness

max. 75 µm (cross-stretched plastic foil)

40 ... 130 µm (complex / aluminum foil)


plastic (PVC, PS, PET-G)

complex (AL-PE-AL)