ZETA - Anroller für Deckel

ZETA - Curler for Ends


The machines of the ZETA series curl the semi-flange on round or non-round ends.

Blema offers stand-alone machines and curlers for direct press mounting with one or two curling tools.

Design and Function

End infeed

  • feeding the covers using a magnetic or vacuum belt conveyor
  • in the case of direct press mounting, both curling stations can be swung out laterally, as a result of which the press exit conveyors mounted on a carriage can be easily pulled out of the press
  • easy access to all machine components


  • curling disc and segments with two curling grooves
  • second groove can be used as soon as the first groove becomes unusable due to wear

Discharge of curled ends

  • turning channel at exit

Technical Data

ZETA Curler for round ends

single curlerØ 50...100 mm400 epm1,5 kVA
Ø 90...160 mm250 epm1,5 kVA
twin curlerØ 50...100 mm800 epm3,0 kVA
Ø 90...160 mm500 epm3,0 kVA
single curlerØ 50...160 mm1200 epm1,5 kVA
Ø 150...250 mm250 epm1,5 kVA
twin curlerØ 50...160 mm2400 epm3,0 kVA

ZETA Curler for non-round ends

single curlerØ 50...160 mm400 epm1,5 kVA
twin curlerØ 50...160 mm800 epm3,0 kVA

Please note that the technical data provided in this table is to be understood as typical or maximum data but not as a property guarantee. The maximum values depend strongly on product specification (material, dimensions, tolerances etc.) and technologies employed. The final technical data for the application will be assessed after review of product specifications.


High quality

  • solid one- or two-lane technology
  • achieves exact diameters even for thin DR tinplatedue to high number of revolutions (up to 9)
  • application of precision bearings
  • power transmission from the motor via belt directly onto the pulley



Long tool life

  • optionally through-hardened and coated curling tools
  • continuous control and motor with brake to protect the tool from damage
  • two working grooves

Individual modular design for stand-alone curlers

  • individual arragement
  • single, double, or multi design
  • variable spur distance

ZETA Curler for non-round ends

  • accurate guidance of the ends before, between and after the pairs of rollers
  • roller pairs for pre-curling and calibration can be used separately (for intervening lining)
  • machines of the series THETA can also be used for die curling the entire circumference of the non-round end