ETA II - Piercing Machine


DWI/DRD tinplate cups with integrated dome for two-piece aerosol cans are pierced in the ETA II Piercing Machine at the location of the valve seat.

  • processing of two-piece tinplate aerosol can bodies
  • piercing of preformed drawn can bodies with integrated dome
  • high speed machine (up to 600 can bodies / min.)

Design and Function

can infeed

  • servo-driven stop star allows selective switching on and off of stations in the event of maintenance or for simple generation of test series during ongoing operation
  • servo infeed screw


  • pre-set ultra rigid C-frame tooling heads
  • individual two-column ball guided and cam-driven movement
  • long stroke of the punch (travelling through the whole can)
  • precise piercing of the valve aperture

waste removal

  • controlled discharge and collection of the pierced discs

Technical Data

ETA IID-TA 100/12
no. of heads12
outputmax. 600 cpm
productsformed two-piece steel cans with integrated dome
can diameterØ 40 ... 65 mm
can height80 ... 218 mm
material specificationtinplate
coated and decorated
wall thickness0,15 ... 0,30 mm

Please note that the technical data provided in this table is to be understood as typical or maximum data but not as a property guarantee. The maximum values depend strongly on product specification (material, dimensions, tolerances etc.) and technologies employed. The final technical data for the application will be assessed after review of product specifications.

Product Samples