ALPHA I - Cap Liner and Molder


Tthe fully automatic, continuously running machine ALPHA I in rotary turret design is used for the further processing of press-twist (PT) caps and other closures.

A lining compound (sealant) is introduced into tinplate caps and molded under the action of heat and pressure.

Design and Function

cap infeed

  • magnetic infeed belt conveyor
  • pneumatic stopper cylinder for separation

lining and spinning

  • indexed star wheel
  • compound injection with valve-controlled gun
  • spinning station with up to 3,000 rpm for compound distribution in the cap


  • continuously operating turret
  • lower profiled base plates lift cap onto the moulding punch
  • controlled pressure, temperature and moulding time
  • (de-)selection of individual heads possible
  • up to 10 sec. moulding time (depending on turret rotational speed)

cap discharge

  • pneumatic ejection system (manual or automatic)

Technical Data

no. of moulding heads36
outputmax. 200 caps/min
no. of revolutions500 ... 2.000 U/min. (lining)
500 ... 3.000 U/min (spinning)
moulding timeapprox. 9 s (at 200 caps/min)
productspress-twist caps and other closures
cap diameterØ 40 ... 70 mm
cap heightmax. 10 mm
material specification

tinplate, aluminum
coated and decorated

sheet thicknessmin. 0,19 mm (tinplate)
lining compoundplastisol (PVC based)

Please note that the technical data provided in this table is to be understood as typical or maximum data but not as a property guarantee. The maximum values depend strongly on product specification (material, dimensions, tolerances etc.) and technologies employed. The final technical data for the application will be assessed after review of product specifications.

Format Change

  • quick change of the forming stations by combining base plate, mold punch and heating in a rigid C-frame
  • interchangeable moulding stamps for individual compound geometries

Product Samples