2-Piece Aerosol Cans

Aerosol Cans


Drawn, two-piece aerosol cans with an integrated dome have been introduced to the market in recent years thanks to extensive technology development. These cans set new standards in terms of design and sustainability.

The cans are processed directly from the tinplate coil, formed into can bodies by drawing. On a postforming machine, the dome is then formed in a multi-stage process.

piercing machine (ETA II)

On an ETA II turret machine, a hole is punched into the formed dome. The scrap is discharged in a controlled manner.

combination machine (GAMMA II)

On a combination machine, the following operations are performed on the can body:

  • curl forming on the upper can edge for the valve seat
  • necking the lower can edge
  • flanging the lower can edge
  • seaming the can with a tinplate bottom (double seam)