embossed cans

Embossed Cans


The introduction of a (decoration-related) embossing on three-part food or aerosol can considerably increases the added value of the packaging.

  • highlighting of logos, ornaments and writing
  • increase of the recognition value
  • haptic experience
  • unique design and eye-catcher at the point of sale
  • warnings in braille (e.g., for aerosols)
  • protection against product piracy

Particularly for demanding packaging such as aerosol cans for the cosmetics industry or expensive and critical filling products such as milk powder for baby food, the focus is on the protection against illegal product copies. A decoration-related embossing on cans made of tinplate is almost impossible to copy and offers, in addition to its other optical and haptic advantages, an optimal protection against product piracy.

Manufacturing of Embossed Cans

The embossing machine is easily integrated into existing or new production lines for food or aerosol cans between the drying section for the seam protection and the combination machine.

By means of a by-pass, both embossed and non-embossed cans can be run in production without changeover time.



Machines for Embossed Cans

ETA I – Embomax®
ETA I – Embomax®

ETA I/III – Embomax®

Embossing machine in continuous turret design
: embossed three-piece cans made of tinplate or cardboard