Food Cans
Food Cans

Food Cans


Three-piece food cans made of tinplate essentially consist of three components:

  • can body,
  • top end (lid), and
  • bottom end.

The can body is manufactured on a can line.

The manufacturing of can ends in their different versions:

is carried out on separate end manufacturing lines.

These complex, fully automated installations consist of several individual machines, which are linked together by means of conveyor belts. Blema offers complete turnkey systems for all variants.

A special form of three-piece cans are the direct-sealed cans, the classic can end being replaced by a directly sealed membrane.

Through a unique Blema development three-part food cans in all formats can now be embossed, with the embossing exactly matching the decoration of the can.

Three-Piece Food Can Manufacturing

Can bodies for three-piece tinplate cans are manufactured on a fully automatic production line comprising the following individual machines:


for the cutting of printed and / or lacquered blanks from sheets of tinplate

Transfer system

for the automatic feeding of blanks to the welding machine

Welding machine

for bending the blank into a tube and subseqent welding of the tube

Seam protection system

for applying a protective coating (powder coating or wet lacquer) to the inside and outside of the weld in order to avoid corrosion

Curing system

for heat-treating the protective weld coating

Combination machine

for final processing of the can body and for one-side seaming with a metal end

The Blema-own, modular system GAMMA II for food cans allows for the individual combination of the following process steps in a machine for food cans

  • Necking the can ends, i.e. reducing their diameter (one or both sides)
  • Flanging the can ends (both sides)
  • Beading (to apply circumferential beads to the can body for additional buckle resistance)
  • Seaming the can with a metal end on the bottom side (double seam)


for inline differential pressure testing of unilaterally seamed cans


for automatic collecting of cans on pallets (multi-ply with inlays and stretch wrap)


die neckingdie flangingrail beading

roll seaming
with 1st and 2nd
operation roll

roll neckingroll flangingroll beading

Machines for Three-Piece Food Cans

GAMMA II - Modular Can Maker

GAMMA II - Modular Can Maker

combination machine in modular turret design
products: 2- and 3-piece cans, food cans, aerosol cans, speciality cans
technologies: necking, flanging, beading, seaming