Clamping Rings

Paint Can Lids


Clamping ring sets for paint cans consist of two parts:

  • a clamping ring and
  • an insert / plug.

For this purpose, Blema offers the worldwide unique solution of simultaneously producing both parts directly from the tinplate sheet on a single manufacturing line.

The following designs are available:

  • single tight
  • double tight
  • triple tight

Manufacturing of Clamping Rings

An installation for the production of triple-tight clamping rings and inserts consists of the following machines:

portal press (KAPPA IV)

for the simultaneous manufacturing of inserts and preforms for rings from a tinplate sheet by means of a multi-die (punching)

The insert is already finished after this process step and leaves the press for packaging in a plastic or paper bag.


for pre-curling the outer end geometry of the ring preform to facilitate later destacking and to pre-form the contour for an optimal double-seam closure on a seaming machine

lining machine

for applying compound to the shoulder of the end for a tight seal on the can

drying oven

for drying the sealing compound (reduction of residual moisture)


lid forming machine for rings  (THETA III)

    for finishing the preforms into clamping rings

  • punching the inner disc
  • forming of the ring contour (one or two steps, depending on requirements)


for automatic or semi-automatic packaging of the ends in plastic or paper bags