Attendance METPACK 2014, Essen

METPACK, considered the world's leading trade fair and exhibition for metal packaging, has always been an essential and integral part of our sales activity. Hence, we have also used this year's show in Essen/Germany to both present our products and to answer the questions of interested customers. It is worth to mention that all key players and many specialised companies from the global metal packaging industry attend this multiday event.

In retrospect, we can summarise that our booth was highly frequented and, above that, that we gained much recognition with regard to our innovation capabilities. We have realised that the international metal packaging community values both our standard solutions as well as new developments to a vast extent. This is something we are really proud of. We believe that this is a result of our daily, collective work at BLEMA.

Moreover, this makes us distinct in the global competitive landscape. There is probably no other company in our industry worldwide that has such a strong focus on new product development. This is a clear and unique core competence and a real benefit for our customers. We proactively tackle those novel tasks and those complicated projects which our competition avoids to do. This is innovation and our business. Taking into consideration the many valuable talks during METPACK in Essen, we are looking into the future in a confident manner.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all customers that visited our booth during METPACK. The metal packaging industry is like a small family that both knows and respects each other. In view of this, we are already highly looking forward to METPACK 2017.