Wine Capsules

Wine Capsules


The bottle capsules manufactured on the capsule making machines are found worldwide on most wine and champagne bottles. The variety of possible machine configurations offers market and product-oriented solutions for sales promotion and bottle upgrading through appealing capsule designs.

The capsules can be manufactured from different kind of materials such as plastic, complex or aluminium foil.

There is a great selection of types. The simplest design is a capsule with printed or blank PVC-foil without head disk, which is shrunk onto the bottleneck. Most capsules have an attached disk that is material-dependent either glued or sealed. The foil can be printed with different techniques. The printed image can be additionally three-dimensionally embossed.

A perforation with different designs can be applied to ensure easier tearing-off. A tear-off strip can be inlayed for high-quality capsules.

The capsules are inserted into the machine in predetermined stack amounts, the cuttings can therefore be packed into cartons in a space-saving manner.