Composite Can Machines


For the top and bottom end processing, the spiral wound and cut to length can body is fed to a flanging machine. The flanger forms the open cut edge depending on the requirements for the final packaging:

  • bead / curl to the outside or inside for subsequent heat-sealing of an aluminum or plastic membrane
  • calibrating / widening the can for insertion of a deep-drawn membrane
  • flange to the outside for closing with a metal end

Various versions are available at Blema, depending on product dimensions and performance requirements.

Heat-Sealing Machines

The upper opening of composite cans is usually closed with a membrane made of aluminum or plastic. This achieves a gas-tight seal with a high consumer-friendliness due to the low opening forces.

Regarding the design of the closure there are two commercially available variants:

 1. flat membrane sealed onto bead (VRZS)

  1. products: Stacking chips, bulk goods

 2. deep-drawn membrane sealed into can body (VRS)

  1. products: cut tobacco, milk powder, instant beverages, cocoa, coffee and other powdered products, sauces, etc.

All Blema sealing machines work in the tried and tested thermal contact method. This guarantees maximum process stability with low maintenance costs and easy handlingThe turret design enables long sealing times for a secure fusion of membrane and can.

The machines are able to process round and non-round (square, rectangular, oval) formats.

combination machines

For the processing of spiral-wound can bodies into composite cans, Blema has developed several compact, modular high-performance machines.

For example, for the production of snack cans (stacked chips), the following operations are performed integrally in one machine:

1. Flanging on the top side of the can body

2. Heat-Sealing a flat membrane

3. Applying snap-on lid

Two main types of machinery are available


fully automatic rotary indexed machine for medium speed applications


fully automatic continuously operating machine in turret construction for high performance applications