KAPPA IV - Portal Press


fully automatic portal press for the manufacturing of

  • ends
  • rings and plugs
  • drawn cans
  • caps and closures
  • screw capsules


  • metal sheets of
    • tinplate or
    • aluminum

Design and Function

underlying crank shaft

  • oil pan below the frame
  • no risk of product contamination

two external connecting rods

  • optimal press force distribution
  • guaranteed high accuracy in the parallelism between the ram and press table

ram guides

  • preloaded linear roller bearing units
  • no adjustments during the lifetime necessary

automatic lubrication system

  • automatic lubrication distributor
  • external oil lubrication of ram guides and connecting rods

dynamic mass balancing

  • maximum running smoothness due to low vibration
  • no foundation required

integrated die cushion

  • die cushion into press tooling
  • individually adjustable pressure for each tool station

tooling - quick change

  • good accessibility
  • tool change within one hour
  • servo-assisted automatic change of format
  • hydraulic clamping system (optional)

Technical Data

nom. press force800 kN
no. of strokes60 ... 200 min-1
nom. outputmax. 2,500 parts / min. (ends, caps)
max. 1,250 parts / min. (cans) 
material specificationtinplate, aluminum, TFS
sheet thickness0.15 ... 0.40 mm
sheet dimensionsmax. 1,000 x 1,200 mm
width of tooling area1,280 mm
ram strokemax. 180 mm
drawing depthmax. 60 mm
massca. 2,000 kg (sheet feeder)
ca. 14,500 kg (total)
connected load38 kVA

Please note that the technical data provided in this table is to be understood as typical or maximum data but not as a property guarantee. The maximum values depend strongly on product specification (material, dimensions, tolerances etc.) and technologies employed. The final technical data for the application will be assessed after review of product specifications.

Product Samples