EAS-3 Labeler

EAS-3 / EAS-4 Labeller


convolute label is glued to a spiral-wound tube of approx. one meter in length with the labelling machine; the labelled tube is then cut to the finished length of the can body.

For machine types EAS-3 and EAS-4 the label for the tube is fed only via the glue roller and pressed on with rollers.


the tube is pushed onto mandrel by means of mechanically operated pusher.
Using vacuum suction, the labels are automatically destacked, aligned and transferred to the gluing station.
Glue is uniformly applied to the label by means of a roller gluing system.
The glued label is advanced to the raw tube and its leading edge is uniformly pressed on, while the raw tube is simultaneously rotated.
In the next station, the tube is cut into individual equal sections using multiple knives on a rigid bar.
The finished tube segments are mechanically discharged from the mandrel. An automatic sucking device (optional) safely removes the trim rings during this last step.


Parallel Labelling Machine EAS-3 - Layout

A – elevator

B – storage section

C1 - sheet feeder, position - operation

C2 - sheet feeder, position - maintenance

D – glue unit

E - dividing machine

F – pusher

G – off-transport

H – pneumatic connection

I – control cabinet

J - operating terminal

K – moveable suction unit (optional)

Design and Function

Machine for the precise labeling and dividing of prefabricated cylindrical raw tubes made of paper for the production of composite cans

  • raw tubes are fed from a single knife cutter to the EAS-3 via conveyorhopper and elevator
  • extremely rigid four-station indexing turret with precision mandrels
  • destacker and labeler / cutter are individual units, which can be separated for easy access
  • four spindle turret for efficient processing of the tubes at high speeds
  • stainless steel glue pan
  • roller type gluing system with direct glue feeding
  • free standing control cabinet
  • Siemens PLC with machine mounted, movable operator panel
  • dove-tail type knife support bar for swift can size changes in length
  • gravity chute for the raw tubes for manual loading
  • automatic raw tube feeding via hopper / elevator system (optional)
  • automatic width adjustment for the gravity chute (optional)

Technical Data

performance (max.)50 Takte / min.32 Takte / min.
tube diameterØ 50 ... 116 mmØ 50 ... 145 mm
tube wall thickness0,5 ... 2,5 mm
raw tube length500 ... 1.005 mm
tube eff. working lengthmax. 990 mm
no. of knivesmax. 15
label - width500 ... 1.000 mm
label - height134 ... 372 mm
labe - grammage80 .. 110 g/m2
mass - divider2.000 kg
mass - labeler1.200 kg
mass - feeder / elevator600 kg
mass - upender300 kg
mass - switch cabinet400 kg
drive power3 ... 5 kW
pneumatic connection6 bar