GAMMA III Modular Cap Former

GAMMA III Modular Cap Former


The modular machine system GAMMA III is used for the further processing of deep-drawn parts for


  • twist-off caps (TO caps)
  • press-twist caps (PT caps)
  • and other closures and speciality cans


The modular design allows for

  • flexible machine concepts
  • individual arrangement and number of modules
  • simple replacement of complete modules in all modules
  • very short changeover times due to preset tool assemblies and transfer units





twist-off capspress-twist capsother closures
pre-curling (roll operation)pre-curling (roll operation)(pre-)curling

final die curling and

lug forming

final die curlingnecking

forming of the safety button

(optional for small caps)


Technical Data

no. of modules1 ... 5 in individual combination
heads per module48
max. output800 parts / min.1,600 parts / min.
productstwist-off caps, press-twist caps, other closures / cans
diametermax. 100 mm
heightmax. 40 mm
material specificationtinplate, aluminum
pneumatic connectionG1/2“, 0.6 MPa = 6 bar = 87 psi
massapprox. 1,600 kg / module
dimensionslength/module = 580 mm
width = 1,200 mm
height = 1,910 mm

Please note that the technical data provided in this table is to be understood as typical or maximum data but not as a property guarantee. The maximum values depend strongly on product specification (material, dimensions, tolerances etc.) and technologies employed. The final technical data for the application will be assessed after review of product specifications.

Fast Format Change

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Quick changeover for transfer units by means of pre-set assemblies for:

  • infeed unit - base plate with drive, clutch, infeed screw with stopper, infeed star and guides
  • transfer units - base plate with drive, clutch, transfer star and guides
  • outlet unit - base plate with drive, clutch, discharge star and guides

Quick changeover for tooling heads

  • pre-set rigid C-frame tooling assemblies
  • automatic pneumatic coupling

Complete changeover to another format in less than 10 minutes per module!

Product Samples

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