Spiral Winder

Spiral Winder


Spiral Winder

The spiral winder strips a paper web from the unreeling and forms an endless spirally wound tube. According to requirement different internal layers are wound onto the core, with or without coating and/or sealing in order to obtain high impermeability of the tube.

The various executions of the spiral winders depend upon performance and format range.

Design and Function

Abasic frame
Bpaper web
Cmandrel holder
Dwinding mandrel
Eband radiator
Fthermal camera (pyrometer)
Gemergency stop button
Hoperating panel
Ihot air nozzle
Jconnecting rod to the cutter carriage
Kemergency stop cable pull (both sides)
Lpressure regulator
Mpressure gauge



Technical Data


belt speed

max. 200 m/min.
winding speed (tube)50 ... 120 m/min. (material dependent)
tube diameterØ 40 ... 250 mm
connected load11 ... 18 kW

2100 kg (spiral winder)

380 kg (sealing arm with heaters)

800 kg (switch cabinet)

air consumptionca. 250 l/min. (at 6 bar)