Labelling and dividing machines


On the fully automatic labeling machine a convolute label is glued to a cardboard tube. The labeled parent tube is then cut to the finished length of the can body.

The labelling and dividing machines EAS-2, EAS-3 and EAS-4 are designed for high performance on a very stable, mechanically clocked 4-spindle turret system.

The EAS-1 single-spindle labeller is available as a cost-effective alternative for lower production volumes and multiple format changes.

Two different systems are available to apply the label.


Technical Data

Labelling apparatus

sheet feeder

Raw tube length [mm]350...750500...1020600...1020500...1005
Tube inside diameter [mm]35...12040...11650...153(20) 40...116
Performance [cycles/min]*1040 (50)3240
Number of spindles14
Label grammagefully printed paper labels 80...120 g/m2, using print varnish

*depending on product size and material