Dividing Machines for Tubes and Cores

Dividing Machines for Tubes and Cores


For the purpose of dividing spirally wound industrial tubes and cores, different types of dividing machines with multi-knife cutters are used depending on the requirements.

Single-Spindle Dividing Machine SAS-1251

dividing machine with a single spindle for low and medium speeds as well as tubes with strong wall thickness

Revolver Dividing Machine RAS-1251

high speed Revolver Dividing Machine with three or six spindles for paper adhesive tape cores.

The dividing machine is provided with paper cores of approx. 1.250 mm length. The cores are divided in the machine to appropriate lengths of 12, 19, 25 or 48 mm and discharged from the machine.


SAS-1251 Layout
Revolver Divider - Layout

Technical Data

no. of spindles13
performancemax. 25 cycles / min.

max. 40 cycles / min.

tube diameterØ 40 ... 140 mmØ 40 ... 150 mm
tube wall thicknessmax. 15 mmmax. 10 mm
initial tube length640 ... 1.265 mm
pneumatic connection6 bar (input pressure)