Depending on the requirements, a variety of designs for paper and liner unreelings with additional equipment such as web brakes, automatic web guides, festoons, glue units and sealing equipment from Blema are available.

In addition, different types of unwinding frames are available that meet different requirements.


simple applications

  • unreeling without festoons
  • web feeding by spiral winder belt
  • glue application in gap glue unit
  • coil change only during operation at slow speeds (<40 m/min.)

Applications with web material accumulator (festoon)

  • unreeling with integrated festoon
  • coil change at high speeds possible (>40 m/min.)

high performance applications (controlled web tension)

  • separation of web feed and winding process for improved process safety
  • driven draw-off rollers (with semi-automatic / automatic splicer)
  • controlled, constant, adjustable web tension
    • precise web guidance
    • shocks from the roll do not continue to the winder
    • controlled process

Unreeling - type A (liner, paper)

Unreeling type A

unreeling web brake glue unit

  • paper web tension from the brake
  • coils are attached to the frame one behind the other
  • manual coil change by crane
  • easy to use for low speeds
  • inexpensive

Unreeling - type N (liner, paper)

Unreeling Type N

unreeling festoon brake glue unit

  • coils are mounted above each other
  • mounting with integrated roller lifting device
  • improved gluing process with festoon
  • for medium speeds

Unreeling - typ P (liner, paper, label)

unreeling draw-off unit splicer festoon web brake gluing unit

  • designs:
    • vertical (space-saving)
    • horizontal (safe handling)

  • manual coil change using crane
  • precise drawing-off of web, reproducible process
  • for high speeds
Unreeling type P - horizontal
Unreeling type P - vertical


Auto Splicer

to attach the start of the new coil to the end of the old one

  • semi- or fully automatic execution


  • unreeling with interlinked material accumulator (festoon)
  • coil change possible at high speeds (>40 m/min.)

Additional Equipment for Liner Unreelings

  • folding device
    • optional with edge control

  • fold gluing device
  • web lubrication (roller oiler)
  • hot sealing equipment
    • hot air
    • heating radiators
    • optional with edge control for constant positioning of the heat source to the web edge

Unreeling for Liner
Folding Unit
Roller Oiler
Hot Sealing Unit

Web Brakes

integration into line right before glue application and spiral winder

  • increase of web tension
  • good uniform bonding of the webs
  • use of lowest possible amount of adhesive
  • minimizes moisture in the wound tube

web brake, type 155

  • friction (heat, dust wear=)
  • low braking power
  • motor free of wear
  • economical

we brake, type 250

  • high braking force up to 1500 N
  • motor free of wear
  • energy recuperation
Web Brake, type 155
Web Brake, type 250

Glue Units

for the unilateral application of adhesive to the webs in order to bond them together in the spiral winder

Different types are available:

  • gap glue units and
  • glue pots with scoop and application roller
Gap Glue Unit
Glue Pot