Tube Finishing Machines

Tube Finishing Machines


For high-performance applications in the textile industry, the tubes must be further processed in a finishing machine after being cut to size on a dividing machine. The following operations and combinations thereof are available:

  • Beading (one or both sides)
  • Polishing(one or both sides)
  • punching out a thread guide notch
  • embossing a thread retainer
  • cutting thread catch and clamping slot (90 ... 360 °)
  • embossing several grooves over the length of the sleeve (with additional device)
  • knurling the base


SVZ-4 Tube Finishing Machine - Layout

Design and Function

indexed processing machine for paper tubes in horizontal linear construction

extremely sturdy and rigid construction to absorb the high machining forces

Tube feeding

  • tubes cut-off in a dividing machine are automatically transported in the direction of the separation device with an inclined conveyor
  • separation of individual tubes by means of impeller
  • tubes roll in the storage section to the infeed stopper
  • handing over to transport system using indexed (Ø < 115 mm) or permanently opened (Ø > 115 mm) infeed stopper

Transport system

  • indexed transport of the tubes to the individual processing stations
  • two external support rails and two internal transport rails


Station 1 - infeed

Station 2 - oiler

Station 3/4 - polishing or beading

Station 5 - punching thread guide notch or window hole

Station 7 - grooving with thread catching slot device

Station 9 - punching thread catching notches (optional)

Station 9/10 - discharge


  • continuous monitoring system for the tube passing through the machine
  • hold-down devices for avoiding jamming of the tubes
  • handwheel for manual movement of the machine functions
  • centralized grease lubrication
  • safety cover with mechanical or magnetic guard locking

Technical Data

tube finishing machineSVZ-4
performancemax. 100 tubes / min.
tube diameterØ 45 ... 145 mm
tube length145 ... 380 mm
tube wall thickness

max. 5 mm (beaded tubes)

max. 10 mm (polished tubes)


4.500 kg (finishing machine)

800 kg (feeding system)

500 kg (switch cabinet)

pneumatic connection6 bar