Composite Can Sealers

Heat-Sealing Machines


composite cans for stacked chips
Composite Cans with deep-drawn membrane

The upper opening of composite cans is usually closed with a membrane made of aluminum or plastic. This achieves a gas-tight seal with a high consumer-friendliness due to the low opening forces.

Regarding the design of the closure there are two commercially available variants:

 1. flat membrane sealed onto bead (VRZS)

  1. products: Stacking chips, bulk goods

 2. deep-drawn membrane sealed into can body (VRS)

  1. products: cut tobacco, milk powder, instant beverages, cocoa, coffee and other powdered products, sauces, etc.

All Blema sealing machines work in the tried and tested thermal contact method. This guarantees maximum process stability with low maintenance costs and easy handlingThe turret design enables long sealing times for a secure fusion of membrane and can.

The machines are able to process round and non-round (square, rectangular, oval) formats.

Design and Function

fully automatic closing machine in turret construction

  • product separation out of can accumulation on the conveyor with driven stop star and double transport screw
  • safe discharge of the can bodies onto the discharge belt by means of a double screw (optional)
  • integrated camera control (optional)
  • automatic pneumatic ejection system for faulty cans
  • rigid turret construction
  • cam-controlled lifter movements
  • automatic can height adjustment
  • quick tool change
  • safety enclosure with mechanical or magnetic safety switches

VRZS - heat-sealer for flat membranes

  • with integrated membrane manufacturing unit from coil
    • unreeling with loop control
    • double servo die cutter with optimum material utilization
    • print mark detection (optional)

  • patented membrane star for transfer of the membranes to the sealing turret with vacuum
  • sealing the membrane to bead at the upper edge of the can using heat contact technology

VRS2 - heat-sealer for deep-drawn membranes

  • with integrated or external membrane manufacturing unit
    • external: feeding of drawn membranes via belt or air conveyor
    • integrated:
      • unreeling with loop control
      • tab cutting from reel and tab heat-sealing to the membrane
      • single servo die cutter
      • with or without scoreline

  • feeding of membranes to the sealing turret via dosing star
  • inserting the deep drawn membrane cups into the can
  • heat-sealing of membrane and can wall with heat contact technology



Technical Data

heat sealersvrs2vrzs
performancemax. 150 cans / min.max. 400 cans / min.
can diameterØ 65 ... 99 mmØ 52 ... 99 mm
can diagonal (non.round)max. 100 mm
can heights70 ... 250 mm80 ... 300 mm
sealing timemin. 0.8 secsmin. 0.6 secs
no. of stations4 (half speed) or 8
can wall thickness0.7 ... 1.0 mm

material specification (can)

paper composite, with or without label
material specification (membrane)aluminum with sealing layer


aluminum with sealing layer


pneumatic connection6 bar