RHO V - Metal Can Sealer


  • fully automatic machine for gas-tight sealing of sealable membranes to specially prepared cans made of tinplate
  • single or dual stations
  • up to 300 cans per minute


Can infeed

  • separation and feeding the cans from dual lane belt conveyor into double stations
  • inductive can pre-heating

Membrane feed

  • cutting the membranes off from the coil
  • embossing the membranes and forming of the tabs

Direct sealing

  • joining the two product flows togehther by sealing the cans


  • camera control for gross leaks and misplacement

Technical data

S-MZ 127/2
performance*max. 300 cpm
stationssingle/dual stations
products3-piece cans with prepared sealing surface
can diameter**

Ø 52 ... 160 mm (single station)
Ø 52 ... 127 (dual station)

can height**70 ... 265 mm
can materialtinplate (lacquered/unlacquered)
tinplate thickness0,13...0,35 mm
membrane material**

aluminum/plastic membranes
with PE/PP sealing layer

* depending on product specifications
** other formats on request

Fast formate change

  • fully automatic height change
  • easy access for service jobs
  • low maintenance throgh the use of wear resistant materials

product samples