Panettone Machines


The panettone machine produces baking moulds made of paper and corrugated board.

The bottom of corrugated cardboard (or paper) and the paper skirt is fed by means of separate unreelings.

The finished panettone baking trays are put into each other. The plug-ins can be removed from the packing table and processed further.


Manufacturing Technology for Panettone Baking Trays made of corrugated cardboard and paper


A – base unreeling
B – base feed and punch
C – paper unwinder
D – continuous paper feed
E – paper stop
F – periodic paper feed
G – side seam gluing
H – punching unit
I – corner cut
J – delivery table
K – rotary indexing table with 8 stations
L – main drive
M – spin gluing station
N – pre-compressing station
O – final compressing station
P – pusher
Q – removable turret
R – working table
S – feed unit
T – packing table
U – corner cut suction unit
V – control cabinet with control panel
W – pneumatic connection

Working Stations

A – base feed and punch
B – station 1: Suction base
C – station 2: Empty station
D – punching unit with delivery table
E – station 3: Winding sheath segment
F – station 4: Empty station
G – station 5: Spin gluing
H – station 6: Pre-pressing
I – station 7: Finish pressing
K – station 8: Blowing off the baking mould in the removable turret
L – working table

Design and Function

fully automatic indexed processing machine for the production of baking moulds for panettone

  • robust welded frame
  • indexing main turret with 8 stations
  • unreeling for bottom material (corrugated board, paper)
    • brake for constant web tension

  • bottom punch
  • paper unreeling for skirt
    • with side seam gluing
    • brake for constant web tension
    • optionally with perforation (needle rollers)

  • segment punch (optional wave cut) and corner cut
  • winding spindle with pressure beam
  • centrifugal gluing unit
  • pre-compression and final compression station (toggle lever principle)
  • plug-in turret
  • packing table
  • transfer controls using sensors
  • central lubrication (for standard and high temperature grease)
  • safety cover with mechanical or magnetic guard locking


Panettone Machine PAN-SR8

  • smooth paper for skirt, ondulated paper for bottom
  • large format range
  • medium speeds

Panettone Machine PAN-SR10

  • smooth paper for skirt, ondulated paper for bottom
  • small format range
  • large speeds

Panettone Machine PAN-O

  • ondulated paper (paper with one-sided wave) for skirt and bottom

Panettone Machine PAN-C

  • Colomba – pigeon-shaped baking moulds made of ondulated paper for skirt and bottom

Technical Data

performance120 cycles / min.180 cycles / min.65 cycles / min.65 cycles / min.
diameterØ 50 ... 185 mmØ 50 ... 110 mmØ 100 ... 285 mmnon-round
heights40 ... 165 mm40 ... 165 mm30 ... 70 mm30 ... 70 mm
material (skirt)smoothondulatedondulated
material (bottom)ondulated