Ring Dividing Machines


fully automatic machine for dividing spirally wound tubes into ring sections

An inline cutting unit divides the endless spiral-wound tube into a segment about 0.5 m long. This is fed via automatic transports to the ring dividing machine and divided into short rings with a multi-knife cutting mechanism.




A – control cabinet

B – main cable duct (overhead)

C – main part of the machine (processing)

D – main part of the machine (transport)

E – exit conveyor belt

F – transport conveyor belt to the lid forming machine

G – cable duct of the buffer lane (overhead)

H – buffer lane (overhead)

I – elevator

J – collecting tray attached to the elevator

Technical Data

no. of spindles1
performancemax. 100 rings / min.
tube diameterØ 50 ... 165 mm
tube wall thickness0.5 ... 2.5 mm
tube length (infeed)approx. 500 mm
ring length (exit)18 ... 25 mm

3,800 kg (main machine)

500 kg (control cabinet)

500 kg (elevator)

300 kg (exit conveyor)

pneumatic connection6 bar