Lid Forming Machines

Lid Forming Machines


The lid forming machine processes round rings and discs of cardboard to lids for round containers.

The spirally wound rings are fed from the ring dividing machine via a conveyor belt to the lid forming machine.

The pre-punched cardboard discs are separated from a magazine.




Working Steps

1separating and transferring from the infeed conveyor belt to the star wheel at the infeed for rings-
2oling the top rim (to facilitate the crimping process in cycles 6 and 7)separating from stack by vacuum suction
3transferring from the star wheel at the infeed for rings to the main platebending up the rim of the disc
4inserting the disc into the ring
5applying glue to the rim of the disc
6pre-crimping (bending the top rim of the ring from vertical to horizontal)
7final crimping (bending the top rim of the ring from horizontal to vertical)
8transferring from the main plate at the discharge point for rings

grooving (The groove running  around the ring on the outside provides for a ridge running around the ring on the inside. The ridge enables the lid to snaü in later on when it is put onto a container)

10transferring the finished lid from the plate at the exit for lids to an exit conveyor belt

Design and Function

fully automatic rotary processing machine for the manufacturing of ice cream lids

  • robust welded frame
  • good accessibility for maintenance work
  • easy and fast format change
  • gluing unit for hot glue with controlled glue nozzle
  • central lubrication
  • Siemens control and touchpanel
  • safety cover with mechanical or magnetic door lock




Technical Data

lid forming machineLFM-1
performancemax. 100 lids / min.
lid diameterØ 50 ... 165 mm
lid height (curled)20 ... 45 mm

3.800 kg (main machine)

500 kg (control cabinet)

400 kg (infeed conveyor)

pneumatic connection6 bar