Single Knife Cutter


An endlessly spiral-wound tube is fed to the single knife cutter from the spiral winder. Winding machine and cutting unit are directly mechanically linked.

Using a flying knife, an approx. 1 m long tube is cut and fed to the convolute labelling machine.


Single Knife Cutter - schematic layout

A – cutter

B – transport belt

C – entry slot

D – control cabinet

E – workstation at the control panel of the control cabinet

F – workstation for setup mode

Design and Function

Single Knife Cutter - Design

A – entry slot

B – guide roller

C – cutter carriage

D – cutter carrier

E – crush cutter

F – pressing roller

G – support rollers

H – length measurement  with linear unit

I – cutting mandrel

J – connecting rod to the spiral winder

K – transport belt

L – ejector

M – control cabinet

N – EMERGENCY STOP button on the control panel

Technical Data


max. 60 tube metres / min.

max. 60 cycles / min.

tube diameterØ 35 ... 165 mm
tube wall thicknessmax. 3 mm
cutting mandrel - central height1,100 ... 1,250 mm
energy requirements

1.53 kW, n = 300 rpm (cutter carriadge)

0.74 kW, n = 86 rpm (cutting mandrel)

0.37 kW, n = 280 rpm (transport)


800 kg (cutter)

380 kg (transport belt)

air consumptionapprox. 17 l / min. (at 6 bar)
pneumatic connection7 bar (input pressure)